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Meditation is a gentle path that allows you to connect with your inner being, God, and truth.  By accessing this inner light you open the channel to a flow of good health, to guidance, and to an overall sense of purpose and well-being.  Meditation is the key to balance. 

Below are 8 meditations designed to allow you to tap your inner world at home or where ever you may be.  The purpose and the length of the meditations are shown so that you can select the meditation that best suits your needs for the moment.  Whether you are on your lunch hour or just need a break from your day to re-center, these meditations will help you reconnect and recharge.  Most are guided visualizations so all you have to do is find a quiet place, shut your eyes, and allow yourself to be guided to a tranquil space within.

The meditations are posted in mp3 format for your enjoyment. You may download them or listen via the internet. We recommend you download the Quicktime plug-in to play:

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Reducing Stress Meditation Connecting to Higher Self Meditation
Reducing Stress Connecting to Higher Self Accessing Creativity Forgiveness
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10 minutes - 9.2MB 23 minutes - 22MB 16 minutes - 16MB 11 minutes - 10MB
Connectng to Higher Self Meditation
Alignment Oneness Prosperity Potential
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3.4 minutes - 4 MB 10.3 minutes - 11 MB 7.5 minutes - 8MB 12.5 minutes - 13MB
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